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Another Dawsons Creek Icon Making Contest
Posting Access:
Select Members , Moderated
The Rules:

1) Each member can submit up to three icons for each challenge, this may change in the future.
2) If your entry doesn't follow the challenge, it will not be put up for voting.
3) The challenge will be issued sometime Sunday and entries will be due Friday unless otherwise indicated. Voting will take place on Friday night and Saturday morning unless all members have cast their vote. That is the only way voting will end earlier. The winners will be announced Saturday night.
4) The winning icon will be used as the community icon until the next week. If a contest is extended another week, the second place winner will have their icon displayed for that week.
5) Do NOT vote for yourself. I will look out for this and if you do, your entry will be deleted and I will have to ask everyone to revote, so please, don't even try it.
6) The contest entries will be screened, that way everyone can vote without bias. Do NOT post your icon entries anywhere else until the contest is over, if you do, your entries WILL be disqualified .
7) Challenges will vary from week to week.
8) Icons must be 100 X 100 pixels and 40 KB or less, otherwise they will be disqualified. I will however inform you that they don't meet the specifications and will give you a chance to resubmit them.
9) If the first place winner is willing, they will pick the challenge for the next week. If not it will be handed down to the 2nd place winner and so on. If the winners don't want to choose, I will leave that up to the community. If the same person wins first place 2 weeks in a row, they will not be able to choose the challenge both weeks. It will be passed down.
10) If you don't understand the challenge, be sure to ask, don't guess.
11) _dc_lover_ and madeby_bethy (the banner maker) are the only ones who have posting access to prevent spam and unrelated posts.
12) ONLY members of this community can vote on icons.
13) If you want to snag any of the icons, get the permission of the icon-maker after the winners have been announced.
14) Most of all, have fun with this. :)

More rules may be added at a later date, if they are, I will post an entry in the community indicating this.

Places to get screencaps and photos *if you know of anymore, let me know*:
- High Anxiety
-Offical Site Gallery
-Katie Holme's Pictures
-Joshua Jackson Image Gallery
-Michelle Williams Online Gallery
-Kerr Smith Final Destination
-James van der Beek Online

- Devoted